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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions



What is the purpose of this selection of hotels ?

This exclusive selection of the best hotels in Europe is devoted to the promotion of hotels which play a crucial role in attracting tourists to the destination where they are located. These private sector actors convey an image of quality and actively participate in Europe's influence and its position as the leading tourist destination in the world.

How are hotels selected ?

Hotels are selected and retained after a selection process which takes nearly two year to complete. Services, hospitality, infrastructure, equipment, restaurants, bars, spas etc. as well as the history of the building, its planning and surroundings plus the exceptional character of the location, are some of the 80 criteria used to distinguish exceptional hotels. By their very existence they are true economic ambassadors which provide real incentives to tourism by making the area where they are located a highly desirable destination. Participation is open to hotels which consider that they match the criteria of excellence set by European Finest Hotels. We can however only accept a limited number of hotels each year.

The title "European Finest Hotels" is valid for any length of time?

This recognition of the high quality of your hotel, its services and offers is valid without time limit. We simply ask the hotels rewarded to keep us informed of changes in the hotel and to accept the visit of one of our delegations to ensure compliance with the various criteria which led to its accession to the title of "European Finest Hotels".

Can I nominate another hotel ?

We may have overlooked a few pearls, some exceptional hotels which should also have their place in this selection. Applications therefore, remain open. Please fill in the questionnaire to submit your hotel’s application. We also need a press kit with your visuals. Should your application be unsuccessful, please bear in mind that our very stringent criteria for selection may not be entirely met at this stage of your application and we must ensure that our collection remains small and coherent.

What are the benefits for selected hotels ?

See benefits for selected hotels : click here.

Who to contact in case of problems?

If you are having problems in filling the form, submitting your application or anything else, please contact us via our contact form.